sylvanerThe first of our varietal wines. It is fresh, dry, lightly fruity and lively. It can also be very fine.

If it is excellent with seafood, assorted cold meats, onion tart or quiche. It is perfect with herb baked snails, seafood casseroles, sushi or with a Chinese cabbage and scampi salad.

Serve at 11ºC to 12ºC/ 52-54 F. Drink in its youth.

Pinot Blanc

pinotblancIts light and clear robe conveys its lightness and fresh suppleness and reveals the right amount of fruit. This makes it the perfect match for seafood, even well -seasoned as for example crawfish with fennel or scrambled eggs with shrimp. Why not try it with a ham and cheese soufflé, roast pork with thyme, spinach sautéed with bacon or with a fish terrine?

Serve at 11ºC to 12ºC/ 52-54 F. Best in its youth.

Auxerrois d'Alsace

auxerroistradIt belongs in the pinot blanc family but displays a stronger nose, rather close to a dry tokay. It is richer than a pinot blanc while remaining light. On the palate, it develops stronger yet fresh aromas.

Its long finish allows for beautiful pairings with fish and vegetable terrines or squid timbales with ginger.

Serve at11ºC to 12ºC/ 52-54 F. Best in its youth.

Riesling d'Alsace

rieslingThis is the best known among Alsatian wines. Intimately linked to its terroir, Riesling has all the qualities of great white wines: it is dry, light and full of character.

Our Riesling is fine, fruity with floral and mineral notes.

It is perfect with a seafood platter, simple fish dishes and with “Choucroute”.

Serve at 11ºC to 12ºC/ 52-54 F. Good ageing potential.

Pinot Noir

pinotnoirThis is the only Alsatian grape variety producing red and rosé wines.

Our Pinot Noir grows on limestone rich parcels at the foot of the Chateau d’Isenbourg in Rouffach. Its color comes from maceration in stainless steel vats,

with “pigeage “ ( punching of the cap) and “remontage “( pumping over the must) for 8 to 10 days. Then, drawing-off and separation of free-run and press wines, malolactic fermentation precede maturing on fine lees in wooden casks.

Its nose uncovers plum and cherry aromas. Its fresh attack is followed first by the slight astringency typical of the grape, and then red berries aromas develop.

Ageing conveys an “onion skin” hue to this wine, as well as subtle tar aromas with a hint of caramel.

It is the ideal companion for assorted cold meats, red meat and grilled meat. It will be perfect with a steak Provence style, a venison medallion with honey vinegar sauce or a garlic roasted leg of lamb. It will also pair well with smoked fish or grilled red snapper.

Serve at 11 to 12ºC/ 52 to 54 F. Excellent ageing potential.


gewurztraminerIts golden yellow robe shows off its substance. On the nose, powerful spicy and fruity aromas offer a harmonious bouquet.
On the palate, dominant aromas of flowers and ginger are unveiled.

Serve at 14ºto 15ºC / 57 F to 59 F. Excellent ageing potential.

Muscat d'Alsace

muscatContrary to its southern cousin, Muscat d’Alsace is incredibly fruity and dry. It is made from Muscat d’Alsace and Muscat Ottonel and it displays a perfect harmony between crunchiness of grapes and elegant freshness.

Serve at 11 to 12º C / 52 to 54 F. To be enjoyed within 5 years.