Edelzwicker d'Alsace

Edelzwicker could be translated as “noble trickery” for it is not a varietal wine but a blend. However, since no trickery is involved, it also deserves the term of “noble” (in the old Alsatian dialect, a “zwicker” means “ a mischieveous young lad”….)

Our Edelzwicker is a subtle blend of sylvaner as a base, with pinot blanc and a touch of gewurztraminer. It is light, supple and easy to drink.

This is an unfussy thirst-quencher which can be enjoyed throughout a meal. You can also make it part of your aperitif in a kir, with a drop of cherry or

blackcurrant liqueur.

Serve at 11ºC to 12ºC/ 52-54 F. Best in its youth.