Our Family

It is in Orschwihr that young Materne Haegelin, born to a family of farmers and winegrowers, developed a passion for his trade… By the side of the oldest winemakers in the village, and particularly his father Auguste, he listened and learned with the enthusiasm that would be passed on from father to son and later from father to daughter. And one day, he made his decision: he would be a winegrower.

Around the land owned by his family, he began creating his vineyard by acquiring parcels producing the best crus in the village. He bought equipment and worked…worked…worked relentlessly on this land, plowing until late into the day to produce the rich soil which, even back then, would give his vines the energy to produce elegant wines

The family business grew over time, rewarded by the production of increasingly well-crafted wines and by an ever growing customer base, thus furthering the development of the winery.

Meanwhile, his mother, Berthe Haegelin-Boncour, was running her restaurant “ A la Poste” with great talent.